My goal is pretty much simple nonetheless challenging; I'm going to try and find as many English words as possible that are Greek. Challenge accepted. And trust me, there's a lot of them.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Words with -philia as their second compound are Greek and their meaning expresses an abnormal liking or tendency towards something. From Ancient Greek φιλία, filia, meaning fraternal love. It is the exact opposite of words ending with -phobia, seen here

Asphyxophilia. From Greek words asphyxia, stopping of the pulse and -philia. Literally, the love of asphyxia. A sexual practice, generally not terminal (and even then probably only accidentally), of arranging to produce asphyxia at the moment of orgasm.

Kleptophilia or Kleptomania.  From Ancient Greek κλέπτης, thief, from κλέπτω, steal. Obsession of stealing, and feeling sexually aroused in doing so.

Bibliophilia. From Ancient Greek βιβλίον, biblíon, small book. The love of books.

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